Boston Beer Works – Boston, Massachusetts: Bad Food, Bad Service!

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I visited the Boston Beer Works in Boston, Massachusetts in December of 2010. Growing up in Massachusetts I have heard great things about their selection of beers that they brew in house daily. I had also heard that they had a great atmosphere and also a great menu to go along with it.

This prompted me to finally head over there on my next trip to Boston.

It was about two in the afternoon when myself and two friends went into Boston Beer Works. The place was totally empty, I am fairly sure that aside from the guy sitting at the bar we were the only ones in the whole place.

Yet, when we walked in it took the hostess about five minutes to realize we were standing there waiting for a table. This happens a lot in restaurants so we just let it go.

Once we were sat however, it took roughly another five minutes before we were given menus or even acknowledged by our waitress who happened to be sitting in the booth behind us texting on her phone.

Once we received our menus we were all very impressed by the selection of beers on the menu; some of them were very creative (blueberry flavored with blueberries in it for example).

As far as the food menu, the selections were fairly expensive averaging to be about fourteen a plate. My friends and I ended up ordering the Beer Works Burgers. They were your standard cheeseburgers with all the typical toppings.

Well, my friend is allergic to mayonnaise so we were very clear in stating that there should be none on either of our burgers. The waitress seemed annoyed by this request but we assumed it was not taken lightly.

Upon receiving our food (forty minutes later), we bit into our burgers only to find mayonnaise on them. As we waited for the waitress to come back so we could send it back to the kitchen, my friend found a hair in her burger, and we then proceeded to try the French fries.

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Much to our lack of surprise at this already horrible experience the French fries were cold as ice. At this point we were ready to walk out but instead patiently waited for the waitress to return so we could ask for a manager.

Another fifteen minutes passed and no sign of our waitress. We then asked the hostess to get the manager and explained to him everything that had happened. He offered to cook up new burgers, and he brought us out a new basket of fries but, we were too disgusted to eat anymore.

We simply requested the bill, and wanted to be on our way. As the waitress finally reappears to drop off the check all you could smell was the stench of marijuana, it was as if she had taken a bath in it. This was the final straw.

We paid the bill and told the hostess on our way out that “that was the worst experience we had ever had. ”

All in all, if you are all about the beer in exchange for poor service this is the place for you. If you are in search of an all around good experience I do not recommend this restaurant. The Boston Beer Work’s in Boston is one place I certainly will never visit again.

Overpriced, Gross, and horribly service is all I received.

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